Hearing Loss in Nigeria20150422001043

Hearing Loss in Nigeria

In many developing countries the general awareness of hearing impairment is low. Lack of resources has resulted in a very few screening programs. The ...
Consequence of Untreated Hearing Loss20150422000017

Consequence of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can have a range of consequences. The implication of hearing loss differ from person, but most people with hearing impairment suffer some...
Hearing Myths & Facts20150420161903

Hearing Myths & Facts

In virtually all cases, nerve deafness can be helped through amplification. Other types of impairment may be medically treatable. Under any circumstan...
Degree of Hearing Loss20150415110043

Degree of Hearing Loss

Hearing tests measure how much sound we hear. There are many different types of tests and a clinic or health professional will carry out the best test...
How We Hear20150415101206

How We Hear

To understand how we hear, you need to know that sounds are visible vibrations that travel through the air. When someone speaks,...